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90 Day Receivables TURN-AROUND Program

Your Overdue Accounts Solution

  • GUARANTEED to Turn Your Ledger Around in 90 Days

  • Put MORE MONEY In Your Bank

  • AUTOMATE Your Process in Minutes

What is the 90 Day Receivables TURN-AROUND Program?

A simple, automated and interactive process to collect your overdue accounts easily and successfully so your moneys in the bank, while you keep your customers happy!

If you say “my customers always pay eventually” and you don’t want anyone ringing them, you’re probably in more trouble than you think. No business can afford their customers to pay them late. If you’re not successfully managing your debtors, your business will die.

Don’t panic, it’s easier to fix than you think, but get real about your position.

Amanda Lee, Receivables Management Advisor , The Retriever

Why use ezyCollect as part of this Program?

Using ezyCollect as your receivables management platform fits perfectly with my 90 Day TURN-AROUND Program to create a simple and successful long term solution. This combination will eradicate bad debts, put money in your bank, and give you a professional appearance while providing your customers with modern, affordable options to pay quickly and easily.

  • Automate, schedule, personalise & customise your collection process
  • Create a long term solution
  • Accept payments online
  • Keep track of what’s owed to you
  • Easy access to instant and accurate reporting

Why Choose ‘The Retriever’?

Amanda Lee
Amanda LeeReceivables Management Advisor
Amanda has studied many areas of human behaviour, psychology, body language and Neuro Linguistic Programming which has formed the foundation of the science behind the philosophy she uses in the collection of overdue accounts. Amanda realised this philosophy could be translated into a complete cash flow solution for businesses.

Amanda is certified as a “Balanced Scorecard Professional” through USA’s George Washington University College of Professional Studies. This is a comprehensive program that enables graduates to develop and implement a Balanced Scorecard planning and management system into businesses of any size.

Amanda’s unique approach to managing receivables and collecting overdue accounts has worked for many businesses turning over $500,000 to $30M annually in many industries, and has made her a sought after Advisor in Receivables Management.

  • Our collection rate is real – collecting 98% of overdue accounts for business in every industry!

  • If we communicate with your customers directly, we do it as if we’re part of your business. Protecting and maintaining your relationship with your customer is vital!

  • We focus on people, money’s the result. No-one can afford to lose customers but everyone needs to be paid on time. We have the easy solution to your big problem!

  • No contracts required. We’re here to get your money in the bank in 90 days and show you and your team how to manage this yourselves long term. It’s easier than you think and we’ll hold your hand until you can walk on your own.

  • We have a proven track record of collecting overdue accounts in multiple industries, significantly improving your cash flow and eradicating bad debts, and keeping your customers!

At first, I never thought Amanda would produce the results for our business she said she could. I was skeptical and worried about losing customers, but my fears were put to rest quite swiftly and the money starting flowing in. Amanda quickly became my ‘go to’ professional for receivables and cash flow, she re-educated our customers to pay on time, taught the team how to manage and resolve issues and improve customer relationships, which in turn also contributed to increase in sales. She really understands the dynamics and diversity of our business. Our overdue accounts are less than 5% of our total ledger, and that’s saying something when you’re in this industry. Amanda continues to be one of the most important Consultants we’ve ever had in our business. If you want your money in the bank, trust her process and strategy, and watch your money roll in.

Jason Daniel - Managing Director, LKI

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