Passionate about Receivables and Cash Flow Management

Passionate about people, cash flow and receivables management, The Retriever works in partnership with every client and their team to design and implement a receivables management plan specifically tailored to each business that’s an affordable, successful, and sustainable solution.

Amanda’s personal but unique approach creates significant results for every client, and focuses on maintaining communication and connection with the customer while also putting money in the bank. Having positive cash flow removes considerable stress from the business owner and leaves them free to focus on what they love, what they’re good at. Receivables is an important area of every business that needs focus and flexibility to optimise cash flow.

The Retriever is pro-active about all aspects of debtor management and cash flow. The overriding philosophy is to communicate and connect with the customer, and past experience places Amanda in a good position to manage the individual situations that arise, as every customer is unique. The Retriever focuses on people, and money is the result. Amanda believes you should never hand your customer relationship to a third party without serious consideration of the consequences, but find in-house solutions and train staff to manage this important area of your business. The Retriever is passionate about your business being self-sufficient, creating sustainable solutions so this function can be managed inhouse. That’s the end game!

Amanda Lee, affectionately known as The Retriever, is your Receivables Management Advisor if you want an affordable, successful, and sustainable solution.

About Our Founder

Amanda Lee
Amanda LeeReceivables Management Advisor
Amanda began her career in office administration and moved into the role of Executive Secretary to Directors in various organisations. Realising her gift with people, she decided to venture into sales and became an Account Manager for AGC Finance in New Zealand.

Following a re-location to Australiain 1999 and working within a large petroleum company, Amanda moved into a specific role dealing with the collection of overdue accounts, where the inherent problems associated with engaging debt collectors soon became apparent. The idea of The Retriever was born and 13 years later, her successes have seen her become a sought after authority in this area.

Amanda has studied many areas of human behaviour, psychology, body language and Neuro Linguistic Programming which has formed the foundation of the science behind the philosophy The Retriever uses in the Management of Receivables. Amanda realised this philosophy could be translated into a complete solution for businesses that would transform their customer relationships and cash flow long term.

Amanda is certified as a “Balanced Scorecard Professional” through USA’s George Washington University College of Professional Studies. This is a comprehensive program that enables graduates to develop and implement a Balanced Scorecard planning and management system into businesses of any size.

When you first meet Amanda you’ll immediately be struck with her incredible extrovert personality and openness, her authenticity and powerful communication. Combine this with her great sense of humour and easy going nature, and you’ll immediately feel at ease with the knowing that you’re in safe hands.


What is your collection success rate?2021-05-13T08:28:51+00:00

The Retriever has an unbeatable collection rate – in fact we collect 98% of debt that is 90 days or older!

Are you debt collectors?2021-05-13T08:31:54+00:00

No, we are not debt collectors or a debt collection agency. The Retriever is an Expert Consultant that works as a part of your team, therefore your customer is not being contacted by another company so your business maintains the relationship with the customer. This is vital to ensuring repeat business and long term, loyal customers.

Do you service businesses Australia wide?2021-05-13T08:34:53+00:00

Absolutely! The Retriever consults to businesses all over Australia including franchises, retail chains and international companies.

Where are you located?2021-05-13T08:36:16+00:00

The Retriever is based in Melbourne, Victoria.

Will you be able to collect my bad debts?2021-05-13T08:38:01+00:00

Yes! The point of difference for The Retriever is the critical window of time in which the customer is contacted, consistency of contact and open and honest communication. This formula virtually eliminates the risk of bad debts occurring. Debts older than 120 days are difficult to collect, however we have great success with old debts and encourage you to collect them.

How will my customers react when you call them about their account?2021-05-13T08:39:18+00:00

The Retriever focuses on people, and money is the result. This approach personalises the conversation with your customer and takes into consideration their personal circumstances that may hinder immediate payment. Your customer will appreciate the freedom of communication without fear of negative repercussions. The arrangement made with the customer leaves them feeling heard, respected and worthy and takes a problem away from them, because the matter has been amicably resolved. You won’t lose customers, their loyalty will be strengthened.

Will I lose customers if you phone them about an overdue account?2021-05-13T09:18:01+00:00

No. This service is designed to recover overdue accounts without destroying the relationship with the customer. The Retriever operates as part of your business and builds the relationship between your business and your customer with regular, connected communication. The Retriever is an expert and seasoned professional who believes in taking responsibility for our impact on each other, therefore views your customers as valuable individuals needing a personalised, tailored solution to continue doing business with you. This is The Retriever’s significant point of difference.

Do I have to sign a contract?2021-05-13T09:23:01+00:00

Yes! There is a minimum three month contract because is takes 90 days to turn a ledger around and implement sustainable cash flow solutions. We will not take on a client that is looking for a quick fix to solve an urgent cash flow issue but who does not want to implement proper change for successful, long term cash flow success.

How much do you charge?2021-05-13T09:09:47+00:00

An assessment of your Receivables and current process determines a cost effective package that starts from $95 plus GST per hour. There are no additional commissions or charges and we do not take a percentage of the monies recovered. There is a separate charge for training internal staff, if required.