What is your success rate at collecting money owed to your business?2017-05-22T01:26:19+00:00

The Retriever has a fantastic collection rate – in fact we collect 98% of debt that is 90 days or older for businesses!

Are you debt collectors?2017-05-17T01:52:40+00:00

No we are not debt collectors or a debt collection agency. The Retriever fills the gap between a company’s Accounts receivable department and debt collectors, whereby your clients will not know that you have an external business contacting them to collect the money you are owed.

Do you service Australia wide?2017-05-17T01:53:03+00:00

Absolutely! The Retriever helps businesses located all over Australia.

Where are you located?2017-05-17T01:53:26+00:00

The Retriever is based on the Gold Coast in Queensland.

Will The Retriever reduce my bad debt?2017-05-17T01:53:54+00:00

Yes! The point of difference for The Retriever is the critical window of time in which the customer is contacted, consistency of contact and open and honest communication. This formula virtually eliminates the risk of bad debts occurring.

How will my customers react when The Retriever call them about money?2017-05-17T01:54:28+00:00

The Retriever focus on people, and money is the result. This approach personalises the conversation with your customer and takes into consideration their personal circumstances that may hinder immediate payment. Your customer will appreciate the freedom of communication without fear of negative repercussions. The arrangement made with the customer leaves them feeling heard, respected and worthy. You won’t lose customers, their loyalty will be strengthened.

Will I lose customers if you phone them for money?2017-05-17T01:55:03+00:00

No. This service is designed to recover overdue accounts without destroying the relationship with the customer. The Retriever operate as part of your business and build the relationship between you and your customer with regular communication. The Retriever staff of seasoned professionals don’t view outstanding accounts as bad accounts but rather as valuable customers needing a personalised, tailored solution and extra care. This is The Retriever’s point of difference.

Do I have to sign a contract?2017-05-17T01:55:26+00:00

No. You can choose to engage The Retriever on an “as required” basis or take advantage of discounts by taking a minimum three month contract.

How much do you charge?2017-05-17T01:55:52+00:00

The Retriever will conduct an assessment of your Accounts receivable requirements and determine a cost effective package starting from a flat rate of $95. There are no additional commissions or charges and we do not take a percentage of the monies recovered.