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Overdue Accounts Collection, Management and Training

Turn your overdue accounts into prompt paying customers who respect your business and provide valuable feedback.

If you’re like most micro or small business, you spend money, time and resources on generating new customers. Unfortunately, despite providing customers with quality products or services, a small percentage will fail to pay either some, or all, of the money they owe you, and a much larger percentage will always pay you late.

There are many reasons for this, ranging from a temporary cash flow issue in your customer’s life, to circumstances outside their control that may cause longer term problems, but usually it’s because their own cash flow and receivables aren’t managed either, and they can’t pay you on time. It’s a vicious business cycle!

It can be difficult to collect the money and often no-one wants to ask the customer to pay the account, so the receivables ledger gets left until it’s such a problem, something has to be done. Some business owners get to a point of hopelessness where they think the only option is to write off thousands of dollars and also destroy profitable customer relationships that have spanned many years, while attempting to recover their money.

But the fact is, it’s much easier than you think. Rather than being reactivehow can you be proactive?

You see, most customers really do want to pay the money they owe you and they want to continue buying your products and services, because dealing with you is perceived as being less risky than trying to find a new, untested supplier, however the process needs to be managed correctly, or the opposite can be true.

So what if there was a way to help your customer achieve both of these outcomes, while allowing them to discuss their overdue account freely and remove any embarrassment they may be feeling, and see you as a true ally at the same time?

Instead of avoiding your calls because of the fear of being threatened, intimated or judged, what if your customers with overdue accounts held you in high esteem because they felt understood, appreciated, respected, and valued?

And what if that gnawing feeling in your stomach every time you have to call, or get someone to call your customer, about an overdue account was replaced by delighted customers who were happy to receive your call to discuss their account, paid their accounts on time, and thought enough of you to refer business to you?

There is now a solution that solves all of these issues and begins a new chapter in the way you approach and work with your overdue accounts.

Check out our 90 Day Receivables TURN-AROUND Program

And keep your customers!

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I’ll show you how to collect your receivables, get paid on time, keep your customers happy and create an end to end solution for consistent, reliable cash flow in your business.

Amanda is a highly experienced Consultant who specialises in turning difficult payers into highly profitable customers who pay on time.

She takes time to understand your business and get to know your customers. Amanda works closely with you and your team to achieve the best results for your business, and providing the option for your team to learn the same skills.

Your customers need to be called regularly, by the same person, who builds a relationship with them over each and every call. Your customer never knows they are being called by an external company, if you want us to manage this function, which means every call is used to build goodwill and get results for your business, not ours.

As a Consultant Amanda is highly trained to use a range of approaches to bring your debtors ledger into order quickly. As a ‘hands on’ Consultant, she has an incredible ability to turn any ledger around in 90 days.

But, if you’d prefer your team to be trained in these skills, to manage this task internally, Amanda works with your team for long term management and success. Imagine a team that loves talking to customers about accounts and money? Imagine, as a business owner, being able to sleep at night and not being emotionally stressed because of cash flow issues? Imagine a team who ‘took care’ of your ledger and you were always paid on time?

I understand the value of your business relationships and I always represent your company in the most professional light, and so should your team. It’s vital to ‘hear out’ your customer’s story and ensure they can continue to do business with you without the embarrassment of having to talk to the owner about their failure or difficulties in paying. Do your staff have the right skills, experience or view to deal with these precious conversations?

We focus on people, and money is the result. As a Consultant, I work with your team to create the results you require, or manage the process for you for continued success.

These methods are much more successful than traditional debt collection, more cost effective and have been proven time and again to create long-term cash flow success and retention of customers.